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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

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The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia, usually known as the Sagrada Familia is the most charismatic symbol of Barcelona.

The project started in 1882 and it is still today under construction. Current prediction, rather optimistic I would say, states that the Sagrada Familia will be completed by 2040.

Architect Francesc de Paula Villar was initally assigned to the project, however he was quickly replaced by a young architect called Antoni Gaudí who took over the project at the early age of 31. Gaudí completely changed the desing from the initial neo gothic style to a modernist style.

Gaudí died tragically in 1926, he was ran over by a tram, leaving the project uncompleted. His body was buried in the crypt of the Sagrada Familia.

When completed, the Sagrada Familia will have a total of 18 towers, 12 of them will represent the 12 apostles, 4 will represent the 4 evangelists, one dedicated to Jesus Christ and the last one dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The Sagrada Familia is one of the main attractions of Barcelona and it is well worth a visit. I would also recommend to climb up to the top of the towers as the view of the city is simply amazing. People were allowed to use the stairs in the past, but this is not an option anymore as it was not safe, so you will have to take the lift to the top of the towers (€2.50).

Finally, the Sagrada Familia is not getting any money from government, church or any other institution. Contruction is completely financed by the income form ticket sales to visitors and from private donations.

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