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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


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Delhi is a city that bridges two different worlds. Old Delhi, once the capital of Islamic India, is a labyrinth of narrow lanes lined with crumbling havelis and formidable mosques. New Delhi city is acclaimed for being the cultural capital of India. The spectacular architecture of Delhi city is evident through its antique monuments. This city witnesses an interesting blend of diverse cultures some even 5000 years old. The city's importance lies not just in its past glory as the seat of empires and magnificent monuments, but also in the rich and diverse cultures. In Delhi, you will discover that the city is sprinkled with dazzling gems: captivating ancient monuments, fascinating museums and art galleries, architectural wonders, a vivacious performing-arts scene, fabulous eating places and bustling markets. Among some spectacular historic sites, the most prominent ones are: Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Lotus temple, Humayun tomb and Rashtrapati Bhavan.
The Red sandstone walls of the massive Red Fort (Lal Qila) rise 33-m above the clamour of Old Delhi as a reminder of the magnificent power and pomp of the Mughal emperors. The main gate, Lahore Gate, is one of the emotional and symbolic focal points of the modern Indian nation and attracts a major crowd on each Independence Day. The Garden of Five Senses is not just a park, it is a space with a variety of activities, inviting public interaction and exploration. The project, developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation, was conceptualized to answer to the city's need for leisure space for the public, for people to socialize and unwind. East of Nehru place, this temple is built in the shape of a lotus flower and is the last of seven Major Bahai's temples built around the world. 
Completed in1986 it is set among the lush green landscaped gardens. Qutab Minar is a soaring, 73 m-high tower of victory, built in 1193 by Qutab-ud-din Aibak immediately after the defeat of Delhi's last Hindu kingdom.Many temples are there.Such as Akshardham temple, Bahai temple, Laxminarayan temple, Birla temple...etc.,

Sandalwood City Of India

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Mysore is a major tourist city of Karnataka. Mysore is called as “Sandalwood City Of India”. Mysore Tourist Places offers a variety of attractions. The city was the erstwhile capital of the state and hence has played an important role in the history of the state and of South India. 

Today it has developed into a modern city like many other cities in the country. Over the years Mysore city as attracted tourists from all over the world, to see the splendor of the city of Mysore. Tourist destinations include prehistoric sites, monuments, museums, forts, temples, mosques, churches and zoo. Historic city of Mysore is famed for its magnificent palaces and majestic buildings, sprawling gardens and tree lined boulevards, simmering Silks and Sandalwood .....etc., Mysore having more places we can see St.Philomena church, Chamundi hil temple,Lalitha mahal palace,chamarajendra art gallery, Folklore museum, Railway museum,Brindavan garden,Mysore zoo..... etc., The Brindavan Gardens is situated at a distance of 19 kilometers from the center of the city. The garden is elaborated with fountains that dance to the sound of music in the evenings. Nestling on a hilltop about 335m high, Chamundi hills houses a temple of patron Goddess of Wodeyars. The temple can be reached by climbing 1000 steps up to the hill or taking a curve road to the temple. Imposing the magnificent medieval style of architecture, St. Philomena's Church is an elegant chapel showcasing the beautiful glass windows and elevated minarets. 

One of the largest 'houses of god' in the country, the church is visited by thousands of devotees and visitors every day. Rail Museum was set up in 1979 in Mysore; it was the first regional Rail Museum in India. The museum houses engaging accumulation of pictures, paintings displaying the evolution of the railways from the time of its origin. The Museum is a great source of attractions among the children and students. The tourists may also visit the Mysore Zoo which is home to a variety of animals and birds.

Land of Peace & Love

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Darjeeling literally meaning “the land of thunderbolt” is one of the most sought after tourist destination in north east India. Darjeeling the dream land of the East, it has been a popular hill station since the British period. The tourist flow to this place has been increasing day by day. 

Due to the proximity with three international borders, this place is strategically very important. Darjeeling is surrounded by lofty mountains. Except for the monsoon months and if weather is clear then the Kanchenjunga peak can be seen. Down below in the valley flow the rivers swollen by rain water or melting snow.

 Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill stations in the world. This beautiful hill resort is blessed with sheer beauty of nature bathed in hues of every shade which is enough to captivated tourists at its first sight. The refreshing greenery stepped in splendour, verdant hills dotted with blossoming flowers & sprawling tea gardens, musical waterfalls, exotic forest with evergreen pine trees, etc all with the enigmatic snow capped Kanchan Junga compellingly confounds Darjeeling as the Queen of Hills. Blessed with emerald green hill enveloped by the tall pine tree and blossoming chap and gurash flowers locally called, Darjeeling provides a perfect setting for an ideal vacation in the lap of Mother Nature. It is globally famous for its fresh and aromatic tea which is the chief item exported from this hill town. Embark on Darjeeling tours and you have wonderful opportunity to explore the beauty of the world famous tea gardens and fascinating attractions of the hill town like Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, The Mall, Botanical Garden, Japanese Temple, Dhir Dham Temple, Mahakal Dara, Darjeeling Museum and many other tourism destination of Darjeeling, North East India. You also enjoy the magnetizing view of the nature that envelops this beautiful hill town from Tiger Hill, which is now the major tourist spot and sunrise view point. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is truly different from all and is one of the major attractions of the hill town. The heritage train also recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site through its meandering tracks takes you to the world of evergreen beauty offering you to view some of the most fascinating and

Ajanta Ellora

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 Ajanta Ellora
Located near the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra, the Ajanta-Ellora Caves are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ajanta and Ellora Caves are two different tourist destinations, which are often mentioned together. The reason behind this is that both are rock-cut cave monuments, which feature beautiful paintings and sculptures .

Tourists from all over the world flock to see these caves, which were carved between the 2nd century B.C and the 8th century A.D. Ajanta Ellora cave shrines are cut out of rock by hand, and are regarded among one of the most amazing specimens of Indian architectural heritage. The 34 caves of Ellora and 29 caves of Ajanta were unexplored till 1819, when John Smith, a British Army officer accidentally noticed them when he was on a hunting expedition. Travel to one of the spectacular pilgrimage destinations in Maharashtra, which reminds us not only about the religious fervour of the country but also of the beautiful art that the artisans gave life to with pieces of rock: caves of Ajanta and Ellora. A world heritage site, the caves must not be overlooked as just another tourist destination. The 5 nights and 6 days tour to the caves of Ajanta and Ellora encapsulates all the beauty of a hundred places at once. Visit the 29 caves that were ramped up as retirement places of the Buddhist monks who were experts in rituals that they performed in the Chaityas and Viharas: ancient places of learning and centers of Buddhist cultural movement. 

Build your thoughts with the hammer and chisel that was used to build the creativity that inhibited in the hearts and minds of the artisans who made beauty come alive through layers of carved stone. The Earth Heritage Web sites of Ajanta and Ellora Caves are testimony towards the reality that these would be the unsurpassed rock minimize caves not simply in India but in the whole planet, wherever from tourist go to to this place to have a glimpse of its excellence and exquisiteness depicting the wealthy ancient architectural heritage of India.


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Kerala is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.Kerala is a travel destination that one would not want to miss in his or her lifetime. The reasons can be many. 
Kerala is probably one of the greenest places you will ever see. Kerala has got a lot of unique reasons to be called a paradise. A pleasant climate, sun kissed beaches, backwaters, hill stations, exotic wildlife, breathtaking waterfalls, Ayurvedic health holidays, enchanting art forms, magical festivals lot more.Traveler's come to see Kerala's wildlife sanctuaries, historic cities and temples.
Those who have visited Kerala, they eagerly look forward to their next.Alappuzha,Bekal,Fortkochi,Kovalam,Kumarakom,Munnar,Thekkady,Varkala,Wayanad,Muzhappilangad…
Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala state. Thiruvananthapuram is ranked top in the number of foreign tourists visiting Kerala and is a beautiful destination for holidaymakers. Varkala is one of the famous beaches in South India. The Papanasam beach in Varkala is known for its mineral springs and rocky cliffs. Silent Valley is situated amidst the reserve of tropical rain forest.

Alleppey is a district gifted with copious natural beauty and evergreen charm. It is one of the prominent backwater destinations and due to the proximity to the sea; Alleppey has always enjoyed a unique place in the history of maritime. Alleppey is famous for its rich evergreen beauty, backwater, snake boat race, houseboat tours and coir industry that attract large number of tourists from across the world.
Cochin also known as Fort Kochi is lovingly dubbed as “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. It is famous among tourist for its scenic beaches that holds the wonder called Chinese Fishing Net. A leisure walk through the city is the best way to see some magnificent attractions like Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Old Harbour House, Loafer’s Corner, Bolghatty Palace, Willingdon Island, Krishnaswamy Temple, etc.


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Kanyakumari is a town and a well known Hindu pilgrimage site in Tamil Nadu. It is also popularly known as Cape Camorin and located at the edge of Indian Peninsula. One of the better places to go in India is definitely the city of Kanyakumari or Cape Comorin with its many and interesting tourist attractions.

Perhaps what makes it so interesting is the fact that it is located at the southernmost part of India, hence it is somewhat of a well of culture ready to be explored by tourists.Kanyakumari Temple,Our Lady of Ransom Church,Vivekananda Rock Memorial,Mahatma Gandhi Memorial,Padmanabhapuram Palace,Vattakottai Fort etc.,
It is a wonderful place. You can see people gathered in the early morning and evening to see the spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset. You can see both sunset and the rising of the moon at the same time on a particular day. Kanyakumari is referred as Kanniyakumari in government records and as British couldn't pronounce the name correctly they call Kanyakumari as Cape Comorin. The climate in Kanyakumari is rather bit low when compared to other parts of TamilNadu. Contradiction to the other parts of TamilNadu Kanyakumari district enjoys both the two monsoons: south west monsoon from May to July and the north east monsoon from September to December. .Having a look at all the part of kanyakumari district you will praise the nature for its abundance it presented to this place.  Kanyakumari district  is famous for its majestic hills with adorable greenery, nice beaches, pristine rivers from the mountains and meandering streams.Kanyakumari is very natural district.

kashmir Tourist Places

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 kashmir Tourist Places
In the world highest golf course located at an altitude of 2650 metres. It located in Baramula district, 56 km southwest from the capital city of Srinagar. As the name suggests, Gulmarg offers you a wonderful sight of grassy slopes filled with flowers.
The word “Gulmarg”, literally meaning “the meadow of flowers” in Hindi, was coined by Sultan Yusuf Shah in the 16th century. Colourful Bluebells, Daisies, Forget Me Not and Buttercups draw a number of tourists from the world around. Apart from being one of the most beautiful hill stations in India, Gulmarg has something special for adventure seekers. Winters are perfect for skiing and trekking.
It is located in southernmost region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.It is a natural beauty of the Shivaliks, Pir Panjal Range, Trikuta Hills and the low-lying Tawi River basin.
Established as the “City ofTemples”, Jammu hosts various Hindu shrines including Vaishno Devi. The city reveals a great influence of Harappan civilisation, and dynasties like the Maurya, Kushan, Kushanshahs and Gupta, followed by the Mughals, Sikhs and the British. Visit the Ranbir Cana, There is a small garden along this canal, which serves as a cool picnic spot in summer. Nature lovers are fond of visiting the Mansar Lake. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and hills. People flock to this lake for boating and to participate in the Baisakhi festival.Like that having more places in Kashmir.Such Pahalgam, Srinagar, Sonmarg, Patnitop, Sanasar, Katra,  Kargil,  Zanskar, Nubra Valley...etc.,

The Coolest Place In India

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The Coolest Place in India Goa
Goa is essentially a healthy place to live in, with bright sunshine and sea breezes, to clear the collywobbles away. It would be a good idea though to guard against any serious diseases with a proper set of vaccinations.Now our road takes us to the magnificent kingdom of Goa.  

Goa is amongst the most frequented places in the country and perhaps one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the planet. It is an ideal spot for all kinds of occasions, be it honeymoon, a family vacation or just a leisure trip. Goa has plenty of attractions that will keep you and your family engaged. The kingdom of Goa is the most important in India ...It is civilized, having famous orchards and water. It is the coolest place in India and it is the most plentiful in foodstuffs. ‘The white people make a practice of going to the kingdom of Goa to enjoy the shade and the groves of trees and to savour the sweet betel.’

These revealing remarks on Goa come not from the hippies or ‘flower power’ generation of the sixties and early seventies who thronged the beaches of Anjuna, Vagator and Arambol in search of salvation and ‘peace’.Goa Tourisum is globally famous for its pristine beaches that provide wonderful opportunity to enjoy vacation in India in a delightful and memorable way. Goa tourism is primarily based sun, sand and sea. Goa abounds with famous churches and temples and a harmonious co-existence prevails between people of various faith. Irrespective of whether they are Catholic, Hindu or Muslim, many Goans prostrate in symbiotic reverence before deities of other faiths than the one they profess. Religion dwells in the hearts of Goans wherever in the world they may be.

Jewel of Mewar

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 Jewel of Mewar
Udaipur is the jewel of Mewar kingdom ruled by the Sisodia dynasty for 1200 Years. The foundation of the city has an interesting legend associated with it. According to it, Maharana Udai Singh, the founder, was hunting one day when he met a holy man meditations on a hill overlooking the Lake Pichhola. 

The city of Dawn, Udaipur is a lovely land around the azure water lakes, Aravali Mountains and set on the edge of three lakes, is a brilliant kaleidoscope of narrow lanes flanked by bright stalls, gardens, lakes, palaces and temples. Overlooking the aquamarine waters of the Lake Pichola stands the shimmering granite and marble Lake Palace, a harmonious arrangement of courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, rooms, and hanging gardens.
Mewar Festival Udaipur
One of the popular festival of Rajasthan, Mewar festival is celebrated to greet the arrival of spring season. It coincides with the festival of Gangaur in Udaipur and has a unique charm about it. The festival of Gangaur is very significant for women of Rajasthan. It is a time for them to dress up in their best clothes and participate in the festival. An annual festival, the Mewar festival coincides with the famous festival of Gangaur in Udaipur.

Like other fairs and festivals of Rajasthan, Mewar Festival showcases a lot of activity that keeps the participants in a joyful mood and all tend to enjoy every moment. So, you can visit the lake city of Udaipur this year to become a part of the charming festivities.

Taj Mahal

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 Taj Mahal
Agra, the beautiful city is situated on the banks of holy river Yamuna. Millions of tourists visit Agra from all across the world every year to see the beauty of majestic Taj Mahal and other historical monument lying everywhere in the city. Agra is primarily witness of   Mughal architectural excellence and their love for structural designs. Agra is also a prime center of rich cultural heritage and art in India. Agra hosts the most beautiful wonder of the world the great Taj Mahal. You can be going to trip India you must visit the Agra it is an wonderful place.........

The Taj Mahal is the most beautiful monument built by the Mughals, the Muslim rulers of India. Taj Mahal is built entirely of white marble. Its stunning architectural beauty is beyond adequate description, particularly at dawn and sunset. The Taj seems to glow in the light of the full moon. Taj Mahal of India - "the epitome of love", "a monument of immeasurable beauty". The beauty of this magnificent monument is such that it is beyond the scope of words. The thoughts that come into the mind while watching the Taj Mahal of Agra is not just its phenomenal beauty, but the immense love which was the reason behind its construction.Such a lovely place Taj Mahal..........

India Top 10 Tourism

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Top Ten Tourism In India
India is not that much vast land but still it is the dwelling of nature and sceneries .It is the origin of many of the inspirations, philosophies and progress which has shaped the future of mankind also it is one of the tourism hotspots. There are thousands of places for you to visit from North to South; East to West each one is more fine-looking than the other and having some history for themselves. Many of the tourist attractions of India are famed all over the world.
Top Ten Tourism Places:
  1. Agra
  2. Jaipur / Udaipur
  3. Goa
  4. Kashmir
  5. Kanyakumari
  6. Kerala
  7. Ajanta Ellora
  8. Darjeeling
  9. Mysore
  10. Old Delhi

Friday, 24 June 2011

Russia Top 10 Tourist Attractions

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Maintaining its own individuality as it straddles the cultures of Europe and the Far East, Russia has always been a mass of times zones, climates and cultures.

Even the two major tourist centers, Moscow and St. Petersburg, are a difference in city dynamics - with the capital more Asiatic in feel and temperament, and St. Petersburg a more cautiously laid-out European metropolis.

The Red Square -- (Krásnaya plóshchad’), Moscow

The Kremlin -- Moscow

Mamayev Kurgan -- (The Motherland Calls), Volgograd

St. Isaac's Cathedral -- St. Petersburg

The Summer Palace of Peter the Great
-- (Peterhof), St. Petersburg

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood -- St. Petersburg

The Russian Museum -- (Mikhailovski Palace), St. Petersburg

State Hermitage Museum -- (Winter Palace), St. Petersburg

The Tretyakov Gallery -- Moscow

The Bolshoi Theater – Moscow

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Globe Theatre

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The Globe Theatre is a rebuilding of the open air theater originally designed in 1599. Shakespeare wrote most of his plays for this theatre and acted on stage too. 

There is a demonstration and tour to illustrate what life was like in London during Elizabethan times. Visitors can see the kind of costumes that were worn, the instruments and music used on stage and the special effects that were used. The complex building of The Globe in 1993 is also recorded using visual panels, commentaries and artefacts.

From April to October the Globe Theatre comes to life with a diversity of Shakespeare's plays. For full details of the schedule see the Globes website or call for more information.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


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Stonehenge is a circle of ancient stones erected between 3000BC and 1,600BC. It is one of the hours of labour. The Bluestones and Sarsen stones were carried hundreds of miles to the Wiltshire site. Mystery surrounds the stone circle as to why it was built. Some think it was designed as a place to worship the sun, others believe it may have been a place of sacrifice.

Visitors are not permitted near the stones unless pre-arranged. Viewing is behind a fence that runs around the stone circle most important prehistoric monument sites in Britain.

It was constructed in three phases and it has been estimated that this took more than 30 million

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Edinburgh Castle

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Edinburgh Castle is a formidable fort that was built by David I on an extinct volcano is Scotland's capital. Originally built in 1130 the Castle represents over 800 years of Scottish history and is a World Heritage site. St Margaret's chapel was also built in 1130 and survives as the oldest building in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle was home to the Kings and Queens of Scotland when staying in the city. It was not as comfortable as Holyrood Abbey but offered far greater protection.

All visitors can take a free guided tour around the palace where they can see the Great Hall built in 1511 and the State rooms where Queen Marie de Guise died in 1560 and her daughter Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI in 1566. Alternatively you can hire an audio guide available in several languages.

The history of the Scots is uncovered in various exhibitions and museums including The Honours of Scotland (crown jewels), Prisons of War Exhibition, Scottish National War Memorial, The Regimental Museum Of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Windsor Castle

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Windsor is one of England's leading tourist and weekend break destinations. It has many attractions, pubs, shops, restaurants nightclubs and significant buildings.

Over the preceding years Windsor has become more attractive to a more diverse group of people, whether tourist, leisure or commerce visitor, with attractions from Legoland to the Castle, there is much for everyone - and now more than ever it is a wonderful and thrilling town to visit.

We will try to give you all the in sequence you require to fully enjoy a short or long, leisure or business trip to Windsor.

Windsor has a population of over 31,000 people and is situated near the river Thames in Berkshire and is debatably one of Berkshire's prettiest towns. Home to the Queen of England, Windsor has the largest lastingly lived in castle in the world. With Eton just a short walk over the river Thames it has more than sufficient to justify a few days sightseeing, especially if you want to use Windsor as a base for visiting London. Check out the many easy ways of receiving to and from Windsor transport.

Use Windsor as a base to visit London and the nearby famous sites and towns. With its two railway stations and easy access to the motorways it is preferably located.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The London Eye

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The British Airways London Eye, the capital's 4th tallest building, after the Canary Wharf, NatWest and BT Towers, offers unrivaled views of the city.

Cantilevered out over the Thames, the capital's stunning new marker is the largest observation wheel in the world. The arrangement was built by British Airways to celebrate the millennium. 

Facing the Houses of assembly across the Thames, the London Eye sweeps the skyline at 443 feet.  The wheel's central hub and spindle are connected to the external and inner rims by eighty fine cable spokes.

The  32 traveler capsules, positioned on the outside of the wheel structure, can carry 25 passengers each.   continually revolving, the London Eye can carry up to 15,000 passengers a day, passengers get on and off whilst the Eye is in motion, don't worry it's a lot easier then it seems!

The trip takes 30 minutes and on clear days visitors can see over 25 miles in each direction.

Modernity in Hong Kong

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That's what a Hong Kong tour guide called a group of China tourists for not spending enough on a shopping trip.

A video clip of the tourist guide's rant is now widely viewed after it was uploaded onto the Internet.

More than a dozen TV stations in China had also played the clip over the last few days, reported Hong Kong's The Standard.

Hong Kong's Travel Industry Council chairman Michael Wu Siu Ieng told The Standard on Thursday that investigators know who the guide is and will meet to look further into the incident.

The female guide, called Ah Zhen, told the group, which apparently enjoyed subsidised air ticket prices, that there's no free lunch in the world.

While she ranted in fluent Mandarin on the bus, a tourist took the video surreptitiously.

She compared this group of 24 tourists with another group which spent 10 times more.

She said: "There was another group of tourists who didn't even come out after two hours, and they spent HK$137,000 (S$24,000).

The Bund, Shanghai

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Being one of the Top Ten Shanghai Attractions, The Bund is the “name card” of Shanghai. The new Bund lies along the west bank of the Huangpu River between Waibaidu Bridge and Nanpu Bridge. The four-kilometer-long thoroughfare was listed as one of the top 10 new scenes and tourist attractions in the city. Along the Bund, there are buildings of different Chinese and Western architectural styles, nicknamed the contemporary world expo of architectures. This cultural heritage of mankind has epitomized the modern history of Shanghai. The modern skyline at the Lujiazui across the Huangpu River is within easy view, and as the night sets in, the scene along the Bund is fantastic.

History of the Bund

"Bund" derives from an Anglo-Indian word for an embankment along a muddy waterfront and that is what it was at the beginning when the first British company opened an office there in 1846. The Bund became the site of some of the earliest foreign settlements after Shanghai was opened as one of five "Treaty Ports" specified in the Nanjing Treaty that ended the Opium War in 1842. Because of its proximity to the Yangtze River - the path into central China, Shanghai grew rapidly as the economic center of foreign interests.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Potala Palace, Lhasa

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The Potala Palace, which is now on the list of Chinese national key secluded cultural relics, is the most valuable warehouse in Tibet. It is a huge money house for materials and articles of Tibetan history, religion, culture and arts. The Palace is extensively known for the precious sculptures, murals, scripture, Buddha figures, murals, antiques, and religious jewelry precious up, they are of great cultural and artistic value. In 1994, the Potala Palace was declared the United Nations World Cultural Heritage site.

Add: On the Moburi (Red) Mountain, the northern part of Lhasa, Tibet.

Ways of getting to the top:
  1. By taxi from the back of the hill.
  2. Climbing up from the front path.
Opening time: 9:30am- 13:00pm; 15:00pm--18:00pm

Price for the Ticket: RMB 100 yuan per person


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Located in the north of Sichuan region, Jiuzhaigou County (formerly known as Nanping County until being renamed in 1998) is part of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous region. Since the opening of the Jiuzhaigou Valley attractive and Historic Interest Area in 1984, visitors have flocked to the region year by year, and the wealthy tourist industry now accounts for a large proportion of local revenue.

Lying on the highest tableland in the world between the Sichuan Basin and the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, Jiuzhaigou Valley covers altitudes ranging from 2,000 meters (656,168 feet) to about 4,300 meters (14,107,612 feet). With its large number of lake groups, waterfalls and rich variety of endangered plants and fauna, Jiuzhaigou was awarded the status of UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1997 and was also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The reserve has received a string of other titles including that of a National Geological Park, a AAAA Class Scenic Spot in China and a Green Globe 21.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Oxford Street

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The university city of Oxford is a beautiful and compact city, full of medieval gems, historic buildings and one of the most highly regarded universities in the world. Oxford is also home to an upbeat mixture of shops, bars, cafés, restaurants and clubs. Throughout this city you will find large pockets of green, including spacious parks, landscaped gardens and a scenic canal, with a number of popular punting stations, filled with excited holidaymakers during sunny summer days.

Oxford really does thrive on tourism and makes every conceivable effort to encourage and welcome visitors. There is easily enough here to fill an entire week, although if you are in the city just for the day, it is worth boarding an open-top sightseeing bus and taking the grand tour. Much of central Oxford is surrounded by rivers and small streams, with Carfax Tower making a good ponit of reference, along with St. Aldate's Street. Broad Street is where you will now find the official Oxford Tourist Information Centre (TIC), which stocks a useful free brochure, complete with self-guided walking tour.

Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham Palace Location:
Buckingham Palace is located in the Westminster district of London within St. James Park. It is accessible from the tube and busses. Victoria Station is just to the south.
Tube Stations Close to Buckingham Palace:
Green Park is to the north of Buckingham Palace, Victoria Station and St. James Park stations are to the south. Hyde Park Corner is to the west.
Busses Stopping near Buckingham Palace:
2B, 3, 9, 14, 16, 19, 22, 25, 30, 36, 38, 52, 73, 74, 82, 137, 509, 510.
Changing of the Guard:
The changing of the guard happens at 11:30, May through August. The frequency is reduced to alternate days from September to April. The time, according to some, varies, so get there a bit early

London museums

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The British Museum houses a world collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures that spans two million years of history. There are artefacts representing every history period from the Vikings to the Romans to the Egyptians and Medievel Europe with examples of pottery, jewellery, statues, paintings, sculptures and many more.

Entry to the museum is free but there are admission charges for entry to exhibitions. As exhibitions change, check the website or call for specific information.

There are lots of activities for children including six trails to explore, workshops, performances and storytelling and backpacks containing puzzles and games. Free art materials are also available for you to create your own pictures.

There is a restaurant, two cafes and a picnic area.

The Museum is within walking distance from several underground tube stations including Holborn, Tottenham Court Road, Russell Square and Goodge St.

Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge is one of London's iconic sights and visitors to the exhibition will learn all about its history and how the bridge works.

When it was constructed in 1894, Tower Bridge was the most sophisticated bascule bridge of its time. Today you can see inside the engine rooms where the original steam engines were housed to power the bridge.

The exhibition consists of displays, films and hands on exhibits that chart the history of the bridge. If you have a head for heights you can then go on the walkways at the top of the bridge which give some fantastic views of London's other great sights such as St Paul's Cathedral, The London Eye and Canary Wharf.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Trafalgar Square

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Trafalgar Square is certainly the heart of London.  Nelson's Column is located in the centre of this world-famous square which was recognized to commemorate Britain's most famous naval hero, Horatio Viscount Nelson, who died in the fight of Trafalgar in 1805.

London's National Gallery Art Museum is located at Trafalgar Square.  Whitehall runs from Trafalgar Square to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

UK Top 10 Tourist Attraction

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Trafalgar Square has topped a poll of the ten most popular tourist attractions in the UK, according to international visitors.

The report, by travel money solutions provider First Rate Exchange Services, surveyed tourists from the USA, Ireland, France, Germany and Spain.

  1. Trafalgar Square
  2. Tower Bridge
  3. London museums
  4. Buckingham Palace
  5. Oxford Street
  6. The London Eye
  7. Windsor Castle
  8. Edinburgh Castle
  9. Stonehenge
  10. Globe Theatre, London

Hangzhou - Paradise on Earth

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First built as a county during the Qin Dynasty some 2,100 years ago, Hangzhou became prosperous after the building of the Grand Canal in the Sui Dynasty (581-618). The city was the capital of Wuyue State (893-978) during the Five Dynasties Period and of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). It is one of the six famous ancient capitals of China. (The other five are Beijing, Nanjing, Xi'an, Luoyang, and Kaifeng.)

Hangzhou has been called a "paradise on earth," with its picturesque West Lake and its many other world-famous sites. It is also noted for its silk industry, which has existed since the seventh century and still flourishes today.

Karst Mountains in Yangshuo

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Yangshuo Travel Guide has all you need to know about Yangshuo and Guilin. Some people call it: Limestone Paradise. Find here all the travel secrets for enjoying this beautiful part of South China at its most. As a tourist destination, there are only few places in Asia more popular then Yangshuo.

Even if you have never heard of Yangshuo (or it's neighboring big city Guilin), you may have seen the photos of the spectacular limestone mountains (karst). Later more about Guilin and the transport facilities. Guilin is 65 km north of Yangshuo.

So, where is Yangshuo? Yangshuo is located in south China, around 800 km north west from Hong Kong. The nearest big city is Guilin, which is the main transport hub for this area in China.

It is an easy place to reach these days and the Yangshuo Travel Guide will give you all the detailed information you need how to reach the little town by bus, airplane, car or taxi.

The Yangshuo Travel Guide will inform you about all different aspects of Yangshuo, what to do, what to visit, where to stay, the local guides, cafes, what to buy and, of course the local specialties, food and souvenirs. You will find all kinds of activities in Yangshuo: bicycling, swimming and rock climbing amongst others.

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The Terracotta Warriors

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There is a legend in Chinese ancient capital –Xian, but truly exists and has been lasting for thousands of years. That is Terracotta Army (also named Terracotta Warriors, Terracotta Soldiers), the underworld army of Emperor Qin Shihuang (the first unifier of China, 259BC-210BC), Emperor Qin Shihuang undertook gigantic projects in order to consolidate his power and country like the first version of the Great Wall. Terracotta Army was built at the centre of a complex designed to mirror the urban plan of Xianyang (capital of Qin Dynasty) for conquering the afterlife. The terracotta warriors were unearthed 5 m (16.4 ft) beneath the surface and about 4 km (2.5 mi) east of his mausoleum by a team of well diggers in 1974.

The army is the masterpieces of realism and comprises different branches of the armed force, chariots, horses as well as their weapons. Currently, there are four pits dug and estimates the number of terracotta soldiers are over 8,000 with 130 chariots, 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses but most of them are still buries in the pits due to the faulty preservation technology.

The Great Wall

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China’s mandatory, must-see sight, the Great Wall (Chángchéng) wriggles fitfully from its scattered remains in Liáoníng province to Jiāyùguān in the Gobi Desert.


The ‘original’ wall was begun over 2000 years ago during the Qin dynasty (221–207 BC), when China was unified under Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Separate walls that had been constructed by independent kingdoms to keep out marauding nomads were linked together. The effort required hundreds of thousands of workers – many of whom were political prisoners – and 10 years of hard labour under General Meng Tian. An estimated 180 million cubic metres of rammed earth was used to form the core of the original wall, and legend has it that one of the building materials used was the bones of deceased workers.

The wall never really did perform its function as an impenetrable line of defence. As Genghis Khan supposedly said, ‘The strength of a wall depends on the courage of those who defend it’. Sentries could be bribed. However, it did work very well as a kind of elevated highway, transporting people and equipment across mountainous terrain. Its beacon tower system, using smoke signals generated by burning wolves’ dung, quickly transmitted news of enemy movements back to the capital. To the west was Jiāyùguān, an important link on the Silk Road, where there was a customs post of sorts and where unwanted Chinese were ejected through the gates to face the terrifying wild west.

The Forbidden City

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The Forbidden City, dominating the heart of the city, is a range of well-preserved palace architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is the largest of its kind in the country. The original palaces were constructed during the Ming period (1368 - 1644) over 560 years ago and the present complex was the result of several extensions in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911).

The rectangular 'city' is 960 meters (3,149 feet) long from north to south and 750 meters (2,460 feet) wide
from east to west with four gates on each cardinal point, among which the southern gate, Wumen (Meridian Gate) is the main entrance for most visitors to the Forbidden City.

The whole complex was built on an axial symmetry layout with the main palaces arranged on the middle axes from south to north, flanked by associated structures. The complex is divided into two parts by the Gate of Celestial Purity (Qian Qing Men). The first part (south part) is called 'Outer Court' including Hall of Supreme Harmony (Tai He Dian), Hall of Central Harmony (Zhong He Dian) and Hall of Preserved Harmony (Bao He Dian). In this section the emperors exerted their supreme power over the people and the imperial ceremonial events were held. For example, it was on the three-tier marble terrace of the Hall of Supreme Harmony (Tai He Dian) that an emperor ascended to the throne.

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China Top 10 Tourist Attraction

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China is a vast and strange country spanning thousands of miles from the deserts in the west to the ocean on the east. Culturally, China has one of the most rich and textured histories of all civilizations that encompasses over 5,000 years. This is rich material for a traveler.
  1. The Forbidden City
  2. The Great Wall
  3. The Terracotta Warriors
  4. Karst Mountains in Yangshuo
  5. Hangzhou - Paradise on Earth
  6. Jiuzhaigou
  7. Potala Palace, Lhasa
  8. The Bund, Shanghai
  9. Giant Pandas and Chengdu
  10. Modernity in Hong Kong

Boating in Venice

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What could be more romantic than a slow tour of the canals of Venice with an Italian gondolier singing traditional Italian songs... or walking across the Bridge of Sighs as the canals reflect the golden orange sunset in the sky... or watching the bustle in Piazza San Marco as tourists are covered with friendly pigeons looking for a treat?

Venice is perhaps the most beautiful and romantic city in Europe. For many years the Venetian experience included a strange odor coming from the canals, but that is in the past. The clean waters that wash the feet of the building are a pleasure to walk along or enjoy from a gondola or vaporetto.

Getting around

Residents of Venice don't travel by car and neither do the tourists. There are no vehicles, except occasional bicycles, on the streets of Venice. Once you leave the train or your tour bus, you'll be wandering afoot through the colorful tangle of narrow streets that make Venice so beloved... and so easy to get lost in!

The traghetto ferry crosses the Grand Canal – don't sit down on this ferry. The tradition is that the passengers remain standing. Fairly large passenger boats, called vaporetto, are the main means of transportation. Smaller, private motor boats are the Venetian version of taxis.

The gondola, a pitch black, narrow boat propelled by a gondolier with a pole, is mainly used for romantic tours around Venice which cost about 80 euros for a 45 minute ride and a bit more if you start your ride at San Marco's Square... that's a high price for the average person to pay for getting around town on a regular basis. The boat is literally "pitch" covered. The tar pitch used to make it waterproof gives it the well known black color.


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Sicily offers a wide choice of holiday options spanning archaeological, historical and naturalistic riches.

Evidence for the Island’s multi-millenial history has been provided by many archaeological discoveries over the centuries. Sites attesting to Sicily’s various colonizations across the Island are today major attractions for tourists from all over the world: necropolises and relics of Sicani and Siculi, considered to be the earliest settlers; temples and cities of Greeks who here founded the two colonies of Syracuse and Akragas, just to name the major, in the 8th century BC; monuments and buildings left by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs and, most of all, the Normans, whose battles against the Arabs, in the 11th century, alas, largely accounted for the irreparable loss of many precious leftovers from the past civilizations.

Sicily is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, with breathtaking landscapes and cities – most of which located along the coast. A choice of tour itineraries allow the visitor to explore and experience the multiple features of this incredible land.

Please feel free to advise us of any error or omission you may encounter while visiting our site. The services can be subject to variations. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, contact us by filling in the form on line. We will do our best to satisfy your request.

Rome Attractions

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  1. Trevi Fountain: who hasn't heard of the coins tossed into the fountain by travellers in the hope of returning there (remember Three Coins in the Fountain, Roman Holiday or La Dolce Vita?)
  2. The Colosseum: hardly needs any introduction, but to walk inside it and hear what happened there centuries ago will leave a lasting impression on you – as undoubtedly did Ridley Scott's Gladiator, supposedly set in this arena
  3. Circus Maximus: another magic place where chariot races were held in ancient Rome: this was where Charlton Heston fiercely competed with Stephen Boyd in the 1959 movie Ben-Hur!
  4. Bocca della Verità: a must for anyone interested in tales and traditions. Gregory Peck gave a terrible shock to Audrey Hepburn in the 1953 movie Roman Holiday by pretending that he had lost his hand inside the monument's mouth! Wouldn't you like to try?
  5. Giardino degli Aranci: few people get to see this lovely spot that is also famous because out of the keyhole of its gate (when it is closed) you can see St. Peter's Basilica focused in the distance
  6. "All roads lead to Rome". Actually, in antiquity all roads started from Rome to connect the city with its Empire. See the remains of the Miliarium Aureum, erected in the Roman Forum to mark the starting point of all Roman roads
  7. The Dome of St. Peter's Basilica: visit this magnificent church, a treasure trove of artistic masterpieces. But wouldn't you also love having a view of the whole of Rome from the church dome? There is an elevator waiting to take you up the top
  8. The Site of Caesar's murder. Envy and fear armed the murderers of Rome's most famous general and a brilliant statesman. But, contrary to common opinion, he was not killed in the Forum. Visit the site, still marked by a monument
  9. The climbing road where cars with their engines off go up rather than roll back : a unique phenomenon that no one has been able to explain. Would you care to check for yourself?
  10. The Catacombs: you should not miss an opportunity to visit these underground places where early Christians used to bury their dead and hold their meetings to escape persecutions

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The Grand Canal in Venice

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The best way to observe the Grand Canal in Venice is by boat. While you can appoint a water taxi, the slower and cheaper vaporetto Number 1 is a good option. The Grand Canal is over 2 miles long and skin three bridges.

The part of the Grand Canal between the train position and the Rialto Bridge offers beautiful views of century-old palaces. Museums in this area comprise the Natural History Museum, International Gallery of current Art and the Giorgio Franchetti collection.

From Rialto to the Accademia bridge, you will travel times of yore the lively Rialto area, Riva del Vin, Ca' Rezzonico and the Accademia galleries.

The last section of the canal, from the Accademia bridge to San Marco, is quite theatrical where Santa Maria della Salute towers above the mouth of the canal with its white Baroque facade.

Uffizi Gallery

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It is quite rare for an art museum to have too many different masterpieces to display. That pleased fate befell the Uffizi Gallery in Florence when the last of the Medici, Electress Anna Maria, willed the whole family members collection to the gallery in 1743. The outcomes, collected over a number of centuries, supply a view of 1 of the finest treasure troves of art anyplace inside the world.

The Uffizi occupies a creating originally intended as office space for the Grand Duke Cosimo I (1519-1574). ‘Uffizi’ in Italian indicates ‘office’. The gallery itself was completed in 1581 from a style by Vasari, under the sponsorship of Cosimo’s son, Francisco. Gradually, the Medici transferred much more and a lot more works here, developing the world’s very first public art museum in 1591.

Numerous art museums begin having a little, occasionally outstanding, collection of privately collected works. Here, as with every thing they did the Medici – rulers of Florence off and on for generations – packed them in by the cartload.

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Tuscany attractions

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We will help you to discover Tuscany: a place rich of history, traditions and culture, divided in ten provinces (Firenze, Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Livorno, Lucca, Massa-Carrara, Grosseto, Pistoia, Prato) which have many differences but that are linked by the pride to be “Toscani” (as we call ourselves).

During the Medioevo and Renaissance Tuscany was home of the most important Italian Renaissance artists as Cimabue, Giotto, Arnolfo, Andrea Pisano, Brunelleschi, Donatello, Masaccio, Ghiberti, Botticelli, Paolo Uccello, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Tuscany is the place where one of the most important and recognized family and institution in Europe, the banking family of Medici, resided in; the place where Niccolò Machiavelli, considered one of the main founders of modern political science, learnt and wrote political treatises about the Art of Policy and Diplomacy.

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A bleak reminder of the malign forces that lie deep in the interior Vesuvius, Pompeii (Pompei in Italian) is Europe’s most compelling archaeological site and one of Italy’s most visited visitor attractions. Each year about 2.5 million people pour in to meander the ghostly shell of what was once a thriving marketable centre

Its appeal goes past tourism, though. From an archaeological point of view, it’s priceless. Much of the value lies in the fact that it wasn’t simply blown away by Vesuvius: rather it was buried under a layer of lapilli (burning pumice stone), as Pliny the Younger describes in his celebrated description of the eruption.

About 1km down the road in modern Pompeii, the Santuario della Madonna del Rosario is a famed pilgrim destination.

Vatican City Tourist Information

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The word VATICAN is an ancient place-name of Etruscan origin. In pre-Christian times it was applied to a vast area of swampy land stretching between what is today Trastevere and Monte Mario. During the Imperial age, however, the area was transformed into sprawling parks, with huge arenas built for sporting events. In fact, what is now St.Peter's Square was probably a circus for chariot racing, and the sire where early Christians in the early part of the 4th Century, constructed a great basilica on the site of what is thought to be St. Peter's Tomb. The current St. Peter's, built during the 16th and 17th centuries, replaced that basilica.

For centuries the Popes lived in the area of the right bank of the Tiber that has become the Vatican City, but the Vatican only developed into the Church's governmental center in the 14th Century when Pope Gregory XI returned from exile in Avignon. From the late 16th through the mid-19th centuries, the Popes again neglected the Vatican, preferring to live in a new palace on the Quirinale Hill, where they believed the air was healthier. It was only after 1870 and the political unification of Italy that the Popes permanently returned to the Vatican. And it was not until 1929, when the Lateran Treaty between Italy and the Holy See recognized its sovereignty and defined its boundaries, that the State of the Vatican City was established as the official home of the Pope and the center of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is the smallest sovereign state in the world (its 108 1/2 acres make it one-third the size of Monaco). It has its own currency, postal service, passport, newspapers, radio station and railroad system. Its population of less than 1000 consists almost entirely of Church personnel, Vatican administrators and representatives of international organizations.

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