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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sandalwood City Of India

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Mysore is a major tourist city of Karnataka. Mysore is called as “Sandalwood City Of India”. Mysore Tourist Places offers a variety of attractions. The city was the erstwhile capital of the state and hence has played an important role in the history of the state and of South India. 

Today it has developed into a modern city like many other cities in the country. Over the years Mysore city as attracted tourists from all over the world, to see the splendor of the city of Mysore. Tourist destinations include prehistoric sites, monuments, museums, forts, temples, mosques, churches and zoo. Historic city of Mysore is famed for its magnificent palaces and majestic buildings, sprawling gardens and tree lined boulevards, simmering Silks and Sandalwood .....etc., Mysore having more places we can see St.Philomena church, Chamundi hil temple,Lalitha mahal palace,chamarajendra art gallery, Folklore museum, Railway museum,Brindavan garden,Mysore zoo..... etc., The Brindavan Gardens is situated at a distance of 19 kilometers from the center of the city. The garden is elaborated with fountains that dance to the sound of music in the evenings. Nestling on a hilltop about 335m high, Chamundi hills houses a temple of patron Goddess of Wodeyars. The temple can be reached by climbing 1000 steps up to the hill or taking a curve road to the temple. Imposing the magnificent medieval style of architecture, St. Philomena's Church is an elegant chapel showcasing the beautiful glass windows and elevated minarets. 

One of the largest 'houses of god' in the country, the church is visited by thousands of devotees and visitors every day. Rail Museum was set up in 1979 in Mysore; it was the first regional Rail Museum in India. The museum houses engaging accumulation of pictures, paintings displaying the evolution of the railways from the time of its origin. The Museum is a great source of attractions among the children and students. The tourists may also visit the Mysore Zoo which is home to a variety of animals and birds.


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