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Tuesday, 22 November 2011


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Kanyakumari is a town and a well known Hindu pilgrimage site in Tamil Nadu. It is also popularly known as Cape Camorin and located at the edge of Indian Peninsula. One of the better places to go in India is definitely the city of Kanyakumari or Cape Comorin with its many and interesting tourist attractions.

Perhaps what makes it so interesting is the fact that it is located at the southernmost part of India, hence it is somewhat of a well of culture ready to be explored by tourists.Kanyakumari Temple,Our Lady of Ransom Church,Vivekananda Rock Memorial,Mahatma Gandhi Memorial,Padmanabhapuram Palace,Vattakottai Fort etc.,
It is a wonderful place. You can see people gathered in the early morning and evening to see the spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset. You can see both sunset and the rising of the moon at the same time on a particular day. Kanyakumari is referred as Kanniyakumari in government records and as British couldn't pronounce the name correctly they call Kanyakumari as Cape Comorin. The climate in Kanyakumari is rather bit low when compared to other parts of TamilNadu. Contradiction to the other parts of TamilNadu Kanyakumari district enjoys both the two monsoons: south west monsoon from May to July and the north east monsoon from September to December. .Having a look at all the part of kanyakumari district you will praise the nature for its abundance it presented to this place.  Kanyakumari district  is famous for its majestic hills with adorable greenery, nice beaches, pristine rivers from the mountains and meandering streams.Kanyakumari is very natural district.


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