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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Modernity in Hong Kong

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That's what a Hong Kong tour guide called a group of China tourists for not spending enough on a shopping trip.

A video clip of the tourist guide's rant is now widely viewed after it was uploaded onto the Internet.

More than a dozen TV stations in China had also played the clip over the last few days, reported Hong Kong's The Standard.

Hong Kong's Travel Industry Council chairman Michael Wu Siu Ieng told The Standard on Thursday that investigators know who the guide is and will meet to look further into the incident.

The female guide, called Ah Zhen, told the group, which apparently enjoyed subsidised air ticket prices, that there's no free lunch in the world.

While she ranted in fluent Mandarin on the bus, a tourist took the video surreptitiously.

She compared this group of 24 tourists with another group which spent 10 times more.

She said: "There was another group of tourists who didn't even come out after two hours, and they spent HK$137,000 (S$24,000).


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