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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Colosseum in Rome

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Rome guide - Get a taste of what you're in for with a unbelievable array of what Rome has to offer in a complete guide to what's on, where to go, what to see, and how to get there, with a guide to 24-hour Rome, theater, sports, kid-friendly attractions, maps, pictures, and don't miss the effective tour of the Borghese Gallery.

The Vatican - The official site with a direct in pictures & text to their surprising art holdings, as well as the Vatican Library, archives, liturgical services, and information on the City State government.

Enjoy Rome City Guide - The online version of the print direct with lots of info on the famed sights, day trips, restaurants, Rome for free, getting around, as well tips and tricks to money, mail, phones, and more.

Christmas in Rome - Good overview of the old customs experiential, with churches vying for the title of best Christmas crib, La Befana creation visits to good boys and girls on Christmas Eve, and a survey of customary dishes including recipes for spumetti, and struffoli.

Rome Explorer - Well-organized link directory to travel essentials, walking tours, accommodation and restaurants, entertainment, shopping, related chats and forums.

Rome Buddy - Billing itself as 'Rome without the hype' and like having a best friend near you - with insider tips on beggars, pickpockets and street crime, to where to find the best bathrooms, what to expect at the grocery store and lots more useful info for the Rome newbie.

Rome Links - Perhaps the easiest to use guide to EVERYTHING Rome - politeness of the Rome Study Center at the University of Washington Seattle, including links to museums and cultural sites, history, art and architecture, general tourist info, hotels and lodging, picture galleries, Internet access, and lots, lots more.

Cafe Life Rome - Excellent reporting in an archived feature in EasyJet In-Flight magazine on where to find the best cappuccino, espresso and gelato (Italian ice cream) in Rome.


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